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In order to keep my writings: books, short stories, etc. free of charge, I need money. If you enjoy what I write and you’d like to help me improve on it, then please consider becoming a patron!



  • Rate my books on Goodreads!
    And, if you’re feeling up to a little extra, leave a review. (Reviews encourage me to write, and constructive criticism helps me improve!)
  • Review my book in your blog!
    If you have one and/or are into it. ;)
  • Donate a dollar!
    Or five? Whatever you’re able to, I’ll be more than grateful. Every little bit helps. :)
  • Donate bitcoins to 1H7p9GcmNHXbtfGefZsAadTd98GxKjwMTd (or use bitcoin networks via my referral links)
    Don’t know what bitcoin is? No problem. Learn about bitcoin, get a wallet, and start earning free on these sites: moonbitcoin, freebitcoin, pizza faucet.
  • Additionally, if you’re in Latin America, you can donate to me through MercadoPago.

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