Café Lov

CafeLovFor Tatsuya Tobe everything has a price, it’s just a matter of finding the right combination of numbers. He has never been told “no” more than once, so the word just doesn’t register in his vocabulary. Or at least, it didn’t until he met gorgeous blue-eyed Ivan, who refused each and every offer he made.

Coffee Shop owner Ivan Orlova is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: to sell his shop for more than it’s worth, more even than he’s invested in it. The problem? He doesn’t want to sell, and he might just have a tiny crush on the annoying guy trying to push the purchase.

As a relationship blossoms between them, they each must face a difficult choice. Will their feelings survive and their love conquer all?

ISBN: 9781311981301 (Smashwords); 9781329958661 (Lulu)

[M/M, gay, romance, contemporary, multicultural, novella, free]


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