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Samantha LauSamantha Lau describes herself as an “Author in Progress”. She is by no means new to writing; she has been putting pen to paper since she was a little girl, but only recently has she decided to turn her writing towards M/M romance. She lives with her three dogs in a lost town in South America and spends her free time trying to learn new languages and cultures.

Her personal blog, in which she talked about all her writing woes, is currently closed because she didn’t blog much, and she certainly didn’t blog often enough to merit having it. But you can connect to her on Facebook if you’d like!


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Why free?

I could say I’ve gone free because of an entirely altruistic reason, but the truth is that it’s not the only reason that made me want to give my writing away for free. There’s in fact plenty of small inconveniences and personal beliefs that ultimately led to this choice. Will it be forever? Who knows! For now I’m leaning on yes, but if things change, then I might change with them in the future. However, I assure you all that is currently free will always be free on my blog and never be pulled to be sold later. For the time being, enjoy all the free writing.


All of the content in this website is provided to you entirely free of charge, so you will find small “donate” links and buttons throughout it. This is, of course, by no means obligatory; you can still download all of the files without having to spend a cent. Yet if you find you enjoy my writing enough that you want to contribute to my daily cup of coffee, then please feel free to click on one of those donate links or buttons. I’ll love you forever if you do!

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For business inquiries, interviews, fanmail (I do love fanart so… hint hint, nudge nudge :P), and random questions or letters of appreciation (kindly keep the hate letters to yourself), please contact: samanthalau.mm [at] gmail [dot] com

Or, you know, write there too if you just want to chat. ;) I don’t bite.
I try to reply to emails as often as time permits, whereas I’m not in social sites quite as often as I check my email.